Over the course of last year we have been challenging ourselves. See, almost every conversations we engage in usually start with an introduction followed by the question of what do you do. We think this results in people putting each other into boxes instead of getting to know each other on a deeper level. So we decided to forbid ourselves to ask the what question and start with the who.


We found that by asking who are you and listening to the other, people start opening up. We appreciate other‘s curiosity in us and not just in our societal position. And by getting to know each other better, we realize that we are all facing the same everyday challenges and the very same things are making us happy. We start connecting, we start ideating and essentially we start collaborating from a deeper space.


We want to turn these cards into a beautiful product – some sort of a card game. And for that we need a lot of you to try them out and provide us any kind of feedback. Yes, that‘s right, we think that if you received this document you‘re crazy enough to give it a go.

That feedback could be anything from the content to the design to the usability. And of course from positive to negative. We are looking into modifying our initial ideas to best serve you. If you ask the people you played with, that‘s even better.

So if you up for new kind of conversations, then print the cards (make sure not to scale the format), cut them out and let‘s have fun!

If you have any questions just shoot any of us an email :)



Game concept:
Sidsel Andersen, Simon Kiener, Kitti Borissza & Tamas Hovanyecz

Webdesign and Code:
Donatus Wolf

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